Sam Riley

General Manager – Media Relations, HESTA

Sam Riley leads the team that manages HESTA’s media and social media, supporting HESTA’s more than 880,000 members to achieve a better financial future. The team helps spread the work of HESTA’s gutsy advocacy across a range of issues impacting members including climate change, gender equality and reforming the super system to make it fairer for women and the lower paid.

The media team lead a business-wide HESTA workforce research project into the employment experiences and attitudes of its members working in Health and Community Services (HACS). The project released an extensive report into the Aged Care workforce in 2018 designed to help employers retain and attract employees. Future research will also look at members’ employment experience, job intentions and satisfaction drivers for other HACS sectors pre-COVID and during COVID.

Prior to joining HESTA, Sam was a journalist for almost a decade working at major metropolitan newspapers in Western Australia and Shanghai before covering the global investment industry for specialist finance publications.