Paul Hawkins

Chief Combobulator

Paul is the Chief Combobulator at Crazy Might Work. Before launching Crazy Might Work on a Russian icebreaker in Antarctica, Paul worked for multi-nationals in over 20 countries and led complex programs including mergers, acquisitions, shared services, product development and other all-of-business strategic initiatives, totalling billions of dollars., an MBA from Oxford Brookes University and is currently completing a PhD in innovation. He has trained in innovation and social neuroscience at (or through) the Centre for Creative Leadership in Brussels, IDEO in San Francisco, the Neuro-Leadership Institute and Harvard University in Boston. He is on several boards, including a Not-for-profit in disability and aged care.

Paul’s qualifications include:

  • Graduate of AICD
  • D.E. Degree in Education
  • MBA Oxford Brookes University (UK)
  • Accredited facilitator of IDEO simulation

PhD.I (Doctorate in Innovation – currently completing)