Dr Linda Barclay

Dr Linda Barclay is a philosopher at Monash University who is currently working on multiple projects around disability, respect and dignity. 

Her recent book Disability with Dignity defends the importance of the value of dignity for people with disabilities, including people with cognitive disabilities. She has explored questions around what dignity means and how it can be protected in such journals as International Journal of Nursing Studies, Journal of Medical Ethics and The Oxford Handbook on Philosophy and Disability. 

She is currently the Chief Investigator on an Australian Research Council project which will explore what dignity means for people in residential settings such as aged care, disability support accommodation and in medical facilities. Early results from this research have been presented to various medical and health care organisations, media outlets and formed the basis of a report for the World Alzheimer’s Report 2019, co-written with the Glenn Rees, previous Chair of Alzheimer’s Disease International.