Why Person Centred Care needs a revamp!

Lindsay Tighe1

1Better Questions, Beechworth, Victoria


Most people understand person-centred care theoretically so what is standing in the way of it being put into practice effectively? At the heart of practice are our unconscious beliefs and biases. These unconscious beliefs and biases drive our communication and behaviours which often are detrimental to older people. We have no awareness that our habitual way of interacting with older people is causing harm, and sadly, we often falsely believe that we are helping, when the opposite is true.

Once people become aware of some simple, yet profound ways that they can change their communication, they are able to create interactions where people are respected, empowered and engaged. By implementing these changes, we not only will be able to interact with older people in a more positive way, and truly practice person centred care, we can also apply these changes across all contexts, both professionally and personally, to create better relationships and better outcomes with everyone!

In this thought-provoking presentation Lindsay Tighe will challenge us to become aware of how our unconscious beliefs and biases are inhibiting communication. We will see powerful evidence to convince us of the need to change and be provided with some very powerful and simple strategies to:
 Truly practice person centred care
 Enable healthy and active ageing in an empowered way

Lindsay always delivers her presentations with an absolute passion in the knowledge that her message is not only profound and inspiring, it also creates a better world for all!


Lindsay is the founder of Inspirational Coaching and Better Questions and is a successful and highly regarded speaker, coach and author of nine books. Before finding her true passion in life, Lindsay worked for over 20 years in the corporate world, both in the UK and Australia. She had many leadership roles developing people skills and improving workplace cultures.

Her passion is teaching the skill of asking Better Questions to release human potential and she has developed various workshops and resources which are detailed at www.betterquestions.com.au Over the past 19 years she has trained thousands of people in the Aged Care, Disability and Health sectors and has built a reputation for providing practical, inspiring and often life changing workshops.

Her dream is to share the Better Questions message with as many people as possible as there is no doubt that when people are empowered to find their own answers we enable them to be more confident, feel respected, be more motivated and more capable.

Lindsay holds an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and has appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise and Morning Show and has been featured in Women’s Day, Good Medicine, New Idea and the Qantas magazine.

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