Embracing the consumer: A new mindset for leadership and workforce in aged care

May A1

1Above & Beyond Group


To move to a single sustainable aged care support system, market based and consumer driven, providers must focus on consumer needs and preferences.

The current system’s structure has been framed around a ‘market’ for aged care services. However, the notion that most care is currently ‘consumer-directed’ has been shown to not be true.

Today’s aged care organisation operates in a context of fierce competition, and high consumer expectations. Not only should it co-create in order to compete, it must co-create and deliver services strongly aligned to each individual’s desires.
Transformation is necessary for the certainty and working environment that staff need to deliver best practice quality care.

A changing mindset can deliver change, one that embraces true consumer/resident/family engagement necessary to embrace Co-production (co-creation and co-design) of better-quality services.

Co-design is a mindset that “ensures organisations maintain relevance, sustainability and impact by meeting evolving needs.  It creates services that meet the needs of key users and supporters”.

Participants will gain a good understanding of Co-production (co-creation and co-design) and its immense value to the aged care sector during a time where more change and agility is required. Through workshop activities, they will review the methodology, examining the challenges and opportunities of the aged care workforce embracing co-creation and co-design, helping to shift the mindset to opportunities for creating a hopeful future which includes viable organisations offering quality services in market context to our ageing population.

(Content will be linked to the most relevant recommendations from the Royal Commission Report)


Anabelle is a leadership and performance coach. With over 35 years’ experience in the fields of paramedical sciences, health, and disability Anabelle loves supporting people to grow and develop their skills. She is passionate about empowering people to be the best they can be, enabling them to embrace change and to see opportunities for growth within and beyond every challenge. She is described as having a collaborative, respectful and supportive coaching style that encourages clients to engage in reflective dialogue leading to exploration, profound learning, including the development of effective behaviours and better performance. Anabelle believes in a strategic approach to better care and has strong desire for organisations to embrace and empower the consumer in their efforts to improve care.

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