Supporting non-clinicians in providing quality health care in the home care setting

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Whilst it is recognised that most people want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible when they live with a deteriorating or chronic health condition, it is sometimes a big responsibility for those who are providing the day-to-day care. It may be a loved one, an unpaid carer, a care worker or non- clinical care manager who is been asked to identify changes and report these changes to those who are more qualified to provide support and advice. This presentation will provide an overview of what is required to support non clinicians when providing basic clinical care in the home whilst maintaining quality and effective oversight.

Attendees will benefit from hearing how providers are managing this challenging area of operations whilst meeting the requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards. Attendees will be given ideas and suggestions on how to manage their workforce when it relates to clinical care. Lorraine will share her experience of working with many providers and pose questions & considerations for delegates. The presentation promises to be practical and informative.


Lorraine is a Registered Nurse, Qualified Lead Auditor, Fellow of the Case Management Society of Australia and experienced Health Care Executive. She has been the managing director of her own training and consultancy company since 2009- an organisation that supports the care sector across Australia with a focus on Home Care. Lorraine currently chairs several clinical governance committees and was a member of the NSW Medical Council for 9 years. Lorraine is passionate about supporting consumers, care managers and care workers to understand common health conditions; and their role in managing these in the home care setting.

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