Red Telephone Boxes or Interstellar Tardises … in light of the ACRC Recommendations are traditional residential aged care & home care business models doomed to failure or continual demise?

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Aged care organisations can be classified as leading providers, 5-10%, following providers – upper, mid or lower, totalling 60 -70% or resisting providers 35 – 20%

Resisting and low end to mid following providers are typically governed by Boards which are either walking backwards into the future, looking at their glorious past, or have fallen in love with their shadow, which does not reflect their true form; therefore being viewed as traditional red telephone boxes.

However leading and upper following providers, more commonly known as disruptive organisations, are acknowledged for their unique and innovative business models, strategic success and financial sustainability; in summary they are becoming Interstellar Tardises.

The Board’s, CEO’s & Execuctive’s of these leading and upper following providers have not only adapted to the customer driven, competitive marketplace of aged care & health care, but have been transcending the programmatic principles and parameters of Commonwealth government mandated aged care service standards, quality and funding well before the ACRC Recommendations were delivered.

Typically these leaders:

  • explore and co- design their new business models not just against a renewed or new vision, but against comprehensive customer centric data and analytics, be it socio – economic, health determinants, market categories or customer insights,
  • adopt such an approach in order to provide a strategic platform upon which their business model and its strategies and projects can be developed and propelled.
  • obtain technology and digital solutions that benefit both the customer and their organisations.

The presentation titled ‘Red Telephone Boxes or Interstellar Tardises … in light of the ACRC Recommendations are traditional residential aged care & home care business models doomed to failure or continual demise?’ explores the strategic impacts and implications of the ACRC Recommendations, along with the future industry drivers, both of which will continue to propel leading – upper following organisations and challenge mid – low end following and resisting residential aged care and home care organisations.

Join Michael Goldsworthy for this insightful, thought provoking and practical presentation, that should leave you with not only questions and considerations, but a strong sense of urgency to transform your Red Telephone Box and create and fly your Interstella Tardis.


As a visionary, strategist and influential thought leader, Michael Goldsworthy is widely known throughout Australia for his facilitation or advisory work with leaders of aged care, health care, hospitals, general practice, ambulance, disability, mental health, palliative care and related human service organisations.

During the last 30 years he has worked with nearly 7,000 organisations and their leadership teams, both within Australia and internationally, be they community, government, private or public businesses.

Michael’s key career positions include:

  • Chairman Better Boards Australasia, (current),
  • Managing Director/Principal Consultant (current), Australian Strategic Services,
  • National Project Manager, Australian Management College, Mt Eliza,
  • Managing Director, Australian Human Services Group,
  • Managing Director, Ingleside Evandale
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