Accommodation and aged care services – solutions and models in the post commission world

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1Thomson Geer


The aged care industry has been the subject of significant interrogation by the Royal Commission.  At the same time, industry, providers, new entrants, current and prospective residents and Government have continued to move forward on their own goals and objectives to address the increasing demands of the ageing population.  This presentation will seek to draw together a review of what is being said and done to describe or give structure of what the models and solutions of accommodation and care services may be moving towards or where the hurdles remain.  The policy separation of accommodation from services butts against greater scrutiny and viability of the funding tools. The emerging and accelerating development of co located, multi purpose, intergenerational built forms seem to provide an alternative for residential care providers and supports greater autonomy for users and appears to be the way of the future. But, how do these sit with the greater demand and regulatory controls of consumer protection that are emerging in other areas of senior living.   This presentation will look at these tensions in light of the Royal Commission findings as well as the Government reform agenda that is rolling out across both national and state regimes.


Arthur Koumoukelis is a partner at Thomson Geer specialising in the aged care, retirement and seniors living communities. An adviser to major and smaller for profit and not for profit providers, Arthur has applied his industry, legal and business acumen to act as a director for a number of charities.  He currently sits on the board of The Vasey Housing Association and is a member of ACSA’ Finance Audit and Risk Committee. He has been consistently awarded Best Lawyer since 2011. Arthur has acted in major court decisions and landmark developments including Mark Moran Vaucluse and Watermark Harbord Diggers.

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