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Healthy@Home is a Brisbane based, community aged care Consortium including 12 service providers who collectively deliver a Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) grant to over 8,000 clients every year. In 2019-20, the Consortium implemented a shared outcome measure using the Adult Social Care Outcomes Tool (ASCOT); reflecting the group’s commitment to a performance-oriented culture and improving service provision through evidence-based data collection.

The ASCOT is designed to measure the aspects of an individual’s quality of life that can be affected by social care; this is referred to as ‘social care related quality of life (SCRQoL)’.

In the first year of implementation, 732 consumers across the 12 service providers completed the ASCOT survey.

Implementing the ASCOT is serving four purposes including; helping to identify unmet social care related needs, enhancing individual care planning by gathering evidence-based information directly from consumers, providing the Consortium with a population snapshot of consumer’s self-reported quality of life and enhancing reporting capability.

Overall, the results indicated that consumers experience a comparable quality of life to an older person living in the general community in England and a higher quality of life than people receiving a home care package in Australia.

The results also indicated that approximately 1 in 5 consumers experienced unmet needs in the social participation and occupation domains.

This presentation will share the Consortium’s ASCOT results and provide practical steps for implementing the ASCOT tool within a community aged care service setting.


Julie Morrow is the Manager for Healthy Ageing at Brisbane North PHN, has a Bachelor of Applied Management and a human services career in the not-for-profit community care sector spanning 25 years.

For the past five years Julie has supported and led the development of Brisbane North PHN’s successful aged care consortium, including 18 organisations; balancing the role of funder and collaborating for a broader impact to improve outcomes of older Australians.

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