Customer Experience – Getting to the Real Story

Cowcher S1,2, Russell S1

1Felicx Pty Ltd

2Suzi Cowcher & Associates



Picture yourself in 10-20 years time living in residential aged care or receiving care at home.

  • What are your expectations as a customer?
  • What are the expectations of your family?
  • What’s the reputation of the sector?
  • What’s important about how you give feedback to your Provider about your Customer Experience?

Reflecting on other sectors who manage Customer Experience well,

  • What brands come to mind?
  • How do these brands delight their customers?
  • Are their similarities and/or differences to Aged Care?
  • What can we learn from these sectors to improve Customer Experience in Aged Care?

We explore these topics during our presentation and consider the immediate pressures facing the sector including COVID and Royal Commissions and why we believe that getting a deeper and better understanding of the customer translates into improvements in the standard of care delivered.

There’s an old saying of ‘what gets measured gets managed’, and that’s as true in the world of Customer Experience as anywhere else.  We share the importance of combining both statistical data and analysis that enables benchmarking across Providers with the critical element of human storytelling.  Only when both statistics and human storytelling come together can we get to the real story of what’s happening on the ground.

We will motivate delegates to ask deeper questions including how they know what their customers are really experiencing and links to the Conference Theme Quality and Sustainability/ Moving Beyond Compliance.


Suzi Cowcher, Director and Co-Founder. (RN, MBA, FLWA, GAICD) Suzi is a respected leader of aged, home care, health, disability and social services organisations with more than 30 years’ experience. It is through this deep understanding of the human services and health sectors that Suzi recognised the importance of Care Providers really knowing how Care Customers feel about the services they receive and how critical it is for this information to be translated into useful insights, practical action and an amazing customer experience. This culminated in the establishment of Felicx, a company dedicated to providing independent insights into the real story of a customer’s experience.

Sarah Russell, Director and Co-Founder. (BSc, MSc, MBA, FLWA) Sarah is a senior leader from a mining sector background, where she built a reputation over 25 years in strategy, research and development, leadership, corporate communications, procurement, operations centre management and transformation through innovation. This experience has built Sarah’s expert knowledge of using an innovative approach to solve organisational problems and develop new service offerings to meet business needs. Partnering with Suzi to establish Felicx, brings a fresh approach to the deep challenges and great opportunities facing the human services sector.

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