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Not unlike any other company in the Aged Care Industry as an organisation Feros Care has faced many changes and as we were evolving our business, our culture was also evolving.  After many years of growth and change, we started to observe that our culture was diluting, and our new staff were not as connected to living the Feros Way. We needed to reset, we believed that if we got our values right, culture would follow. In this presentation I will share the strategies we put in place to prepare the organisation and how we engaged our workforce to define our new corporate values.

As an industry we are on the precipice of major reform and organisations will need to reinvent the way things are done. Organisations who have a great culture will be focusing on retaining that culture and those who do not will be looking for ways to reinvent the culture they have. This presentation will provide insights into what we did well and provide insights into how we engaged our workforce in every step of the journey. It will demonstrate our success and the lessons we learnt along the way.


Tash Edwards is an Employee Experience advocate with a demonstrated history of leading cultural and organisational transformation strategies and projects. Tash has a Master of Business Administration – MBA focused in People and Leadership from Southern Cross University and is skilled in Learning Management, Team Building, Training Strategy, Training Delivery, Recruitment, Organisational Development in the finance, Aged Care and Disability Industries. Tash is passionate about making a difference to the people care for our communities most vulnerable,  by building organisations where people can come and do their Best Life’s Work.

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