Fearless Leadership: Untapped potential. Taking action in times of challenge

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1Corrinne Armour


Fearless Leadership: Untapped potential. Taking action in times of challenge,

There are times when everything feels too much. Urgent priorities, high uncertainty, rapid change, people looking to you for answers, danger lurks in the shadows and overwhelm threatens… Leadership takes courage. Leadership is liberating. Leadership is a verb and not a noun!

What is fear and how does it stop us learning and growing?  Tapping into our inner fearlessness allows us to lead ourselves and others through challenging times. Open communication provides connection that creates confidence and community. Building trust – and trusting in yourself – is critical to leadership.

People will be on the edge of their seats as Corrinne shares stories from her time living and working in a jungle refugee camp on the edge of a war zone. Lessons about leadership that are just as applicable in aged care in Australia as they are in a war zone. She will introduce you to inspiring leaders who have achieved amazing things through Fearless Leadership.

Are you ready to lead fearlessly into a new age for aged care?

This keynote will:

  • Show it’s possible to stay focused, regardless of chaos and overwhelm
  • Illustrate the importance of a clear purpose to unite people and catalyse action
  • Demonstrate what’s needed to inspire others and lead under fire
  • Challenge people to see leadership as an activity and not a role
  • Provoke personal exploration and leave people inspired and ready to lead.

Are you ready?


Corrinne is Australia’s leading thinker in Fearless Leadership, and is not afraid to ask the hard questions.Over 10 years in corporate leadership roles, 2½ years living and teaching in the jungle on the edge of a warzone, almost 15 years in and out of board rooms working with senior leaders, she’s gained much to share with audiences.

Corrinne gets first-hand the challenges and competing priorities of leadership because she’s been there, and her work with leaders has ripple effects across the globe. She has written 2 books on leadership, and two specialist texts on human behaviour used by consultants worldwide. At home she is married to an ex-guerrilla fighter and mother to two beautiful daughters, so she knows a thing or two about life balance.From the main stage and virtual stage,Corrinne connects with and moves her audience. Sharing lessons that help leaders access untapped potential through stepping up to courageous conversations that build trust and move us all forward.Many of Corrinne’s clients are aged care, and she has sat on the board of an Aged Care provider, so she understands the responsibilities, challenges and joys of leading in the sector, and just how tough the last two years have been.

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