Attributes of a Good Leader

Burnham S1, Wainaina A2

1ACSA, 2Mind Agitator


It can be argued that effective leadership looks the same in any industry. Yet the Royal Commission highlighted that there are significant leadership inadequacies within the Aged Care Industry, calling for a focus on developing high-quality Aged Care leaders. But what does ‘good leadership’ look like for the Aged Care Industry?

From the data we have collected on leaders in the Aged Care Industry, our head researcher Sasha Burnham will share the benchmark strengths and developmental areas. In this practical seminar, she will highlight the attributes of a good leader, and pinpoint one of the biggest gaps and challenges identified– Managing Conflict Effectively. Conflict matters include raising performance issues early, dealing with poor behaviour, managing conflict between staff and providing constructive feedback. Sasha will share how this gap in the data impacts on leadership of the Aged Care Standards, exposing lower-performing sites and teams to a significant risk of non-compliance or sanction.


Annastacia Wainaina, ACSA Consultant and a former facility and clinical manager, sees firsthand these sites and teams exposed to such risk. Linking to the key themes identified in the data, Annastacia will share her personal experience, proven strategies and reveal 5 tips for addressing these conflict issues early, before they grow into something bigger. This seminar will provide a balance of data-driven insights and practical personal experience with the aim of supporting Age Care leaders and organisations to pull certain levers that will enable the growth of good leadership throughout the industry.

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