Daring to be different – Our journey outside the norm

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1Perth Care + Companion Company


A 2018 PricewaterhouseCoopers report states, unless Australia’s health and aged care system undergoes significant evolution in the next few years, it will quickly become unsuitable and unsustainable!

During the inevitable period of change ahead, it will be those that are both proactive and innovative that stand the best chance for success.

After working for over 9 decades for various large and medium organisations, dedicating their careers to supporting others, 3 middle aged nurses, decided to get “out of the rat race” and explore how they could “do things differently” and truly meet the needs and expectations of clients/residents and families. Perth Care + Companion Company (PCCC) was born in June 2019.

Our initial thinking was around filling the gaps that others did not or did not do well, being a support to other providers and not in competition for the limited government funded client! Therefore, we chose not to be a government funded provider, although we do a growing amount of support in partnership with government funded providers.

PCCC is just over a year in business. We would like to share with you our journey, learnings and surprises, focusing on the areas of:

  • philosophy of care,
  • customer service – who is our customer,
  • what customers want
  • Staffing,
  • insights/observations into established providers
  • Quality and sustainability
  • The future

In a time likely have more user-pay models, organisations must challenging the hype – question the traditions which have become folklore and truly listen to the client.


Carole & Carole are Registered Nurses who have worked in Health Community & Aged Care industry for over 7 decades, between them. After working in senior leadership positions in large organisations for over 30 years, Carole and Julie are two of the founders and directors of Perth Care + Companion Company, which was started with 3 nurses in an effort to challenge the norms in care models. Being part of the sandwich generation themselves understand the importance of meeting both client and family expectations.

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