Future visions for person-centred care: Insights from the other side of the looking glass

Golenko X1, Eves A3, Davis L3, Ogrin R2, Lowthian J2

1Bolton Clarke Research Institute, Queensland

2Bolton Clarke Research Institute, Victoria

3Bolton Clarke, Queensland


Title: Future visions for person-centred care: Insights from the other side of the looking glass

Recent revelations around our failure as a society to care for our older people calls for a major re-set in our attitudes, values and beliefs towards ageing. Often, the care we provide is based on our assumptions about what we think is important to older people, and our systems are designed around meeting accreditation and funding requirements. To truly understand what person centred care is, we need to look from the other side of the looking glass. In other words, we need to ask: what does care look like from the older person’s perspective?

Bolton Clarke is currently undertaking a major organisational transformational project called The Heart of Us, which aims to align and integrate strategic and operational levels of the organisation, centring customer experience, employee experience and organisational culture. The project is led by the People and Culture team and has successfully engaged staff from all areas of the organisation as well as clients, residents and family members, to redefine care.

During our presentation, we will discuss the overall design of the project and key elements of our approach including codesign, engaging with community partnership groups, embedding implementation principles, and evaluating evidence-informed interventions. We will also present summaries of applied research projects conducted by the Bolton Clarke Research Institute that exemplify our approach to transforming the organisation into a care provider that is that is truly customer-led, and fundamentally person-centred.


Xanthe has a diverse research portfolio spanning multiple areas including organisational behaviour, health services management, and health workforce education. Xanthe is passionate about exploring innovative approaches to service delivery that are evidence-based, sustainable and effective in improving the quality of life for older people accessing aged care services.

Anna Eves is the General Manager, Culture and Capability at Bolton Clarke. She is driven by connecting people with purpose, with a focus on mobilising colleagues and capabilities across traditional boundaries to make real progress together. With 20 years’ experience in senior people and culture roles spanning healthcare, community, education and aged care sectors, Anna’s core expertise includes organisational design and transformation, culture and behavioural change, employee engagement and experience, leadership and capability development.

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