Transforming the aged care experience – Enhancing personalisation, transparency and family engagement through technology

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Safety. Trust. Choice. Experiences. Relationships – are the things that matter to older Australians and their families when moving through aged care.

For providers, there has never been a more challenging time to fulfil these needs. The outlook for the next stages of COVID-19 remains uncertain, as the industry also confronts major regulatory and funding reform arising from the outcomes of the Royal Commission.

Alongside these difficult circumstances, there is a renewed ambition amongst leading providers to think differently: How can we create healthier, more fulfilling and connected lives for older Australians? What role can digital technology play in a new aged care experience?

Leading providers will seize this opportunity to deliver better outcomes, differentiating their services in an increasingly competitive industry.

To better understand how technology is currently used by aged care providers, PwC and Salesforce collaborated on the Aged Care Customer Experience Study in 2020. This research explored the influencing factors and customer experience of aged care residents and in-home care recipients, and the close family members and friends involved in their care. It looked at current pain points and how these gaps might be bridged using both emerging and proven technology.

This presentation will the insights to come out of this research and what these mean for aged care providers. We also will explain why digital transformation doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to achieve significant outcomes for patients and their families; and we outline some practical steps aged care providers can take to get started.


Nick is a leader in digital front door solutions in Health & Wellbeing with a proven track record in agile business transformation. In his current role at PwC Nick is shaping the patient experience in health care providers from concept through to delivery; looking for new ways to engage with residents and their loved ones. Nick has been a speaker on Patient and Employee Experience transformation at the Customer Experience Conference, the Future of Aged Care Summit, and several industry webinars; and regularly presents on how the rise of consumer expectations is disrupting the health & wellbeing sector.

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