Palliative Care: Core Business for Aged Care

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Palliative Care is not only is it the right care to provide for many aged care residents – but if palliative care is core business in aged care, it makes economic sense too.

36% of all deaths in Australia occur in residential aged care.  This is not a bad reflection on aged care.  It simply reflects that many people are coming towards the end of their life when they enter residential aged care.  It may be months, and it may be years, but residents, their families and staff will at some point need to plan for end of life care and the associated grief and bereavement that accompanies death.  Many residents in aged care are living with one or more life-limiting illnesses.  These residents would benefit from the holistic care that palliative care provides.  Staff in residential aged care can provide a level of general palliative care.  More complicated cases will benefit from referral to specialist palliative care.

This presentation will outline the need for palliative care to be core business in aged care.  It will demonstrate to delegates some actions they can take to ensure their residents are better prepared for end of life and to have the care and support they and their families need.  The presentation will also outline the findings of a KMPG economic study which demonstrate the economic benefits of investment in palliative care which include savings to other parts of the health system.


Katie is the National Policy Manager, Aged Care & Diverse Needs Groups at Palliative Care Australia, the national peak body for palliative care. Palliative Care Australia represents all those who work towards high quality palliative care for all Australians and advocates for palliative care to be core business in aged care. Katie has previously worked in roles in aged care compliance, program and policy roles in the Commonwealth government and managing the delivery of aged care and disability services in remote Northern Territory Aboriginal communities.

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