The Household Model – Results of an independent evaluation, reflections on experience, shared learning and next steps

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Title: The Household Model at Uniting. Results of an independent evaluation, reflections on experience, learnings and next steps.

Precis: Uniting NSW/ACT has been progressively implementing the Household model of person-centred care across all 76 of our residential aged care facilities since 2015.

UTS conducted an independent, mixed-methods evaluation of our process and outcomes in 2019/20. They found that we have successfully translated person-centred care into practice, at scale. Staff and residents alike believe the model  maintains a more homelike environment, improves safety and comfort, and fosters greater choice and control.

UTS also found we effectively transitioned over half our facilities without substantial impact on clinical, financial and HR performance indicators.

In this workshop, our operational leaders responsible for designing and implementing Household will:

  • discuss these evaluation results;
  • share the challenges we faced along the way, and how we overcame them; and
  • identify emerging issues and what’s next for Household at Uniting.

This workshop is a chance for attendees to hear from one of the largest not-for-profit aged care providers to share their learnings about how to implement transformative change at scale in a complex environment.


Lana was appointed to the Executive Manager Practice Excellence role in late 2018, prior to that held the role of Head of Strategic Quality and Service Excellence where she was responsible for leading the integration of organisation-wide approach to customer-led service provision and implementation of person-centred practice. Having joined Uniting back in 2009, Lana has led many capability and capacity building projects in both Residential and Home and Community Care, including innovative technology, practice and workforce models that place the older person at heart of everything they do.

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