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As our sector continues to change, providers are challenged to identify and mobilize new models / approaches that drive customer outcomes in a more efficient way.  Globally the Buurtzorg model of care, has gained momentum due to its ability to not only drive customer outcomes, but to do so in a more cost effective manner that traditional models.

At Hayylo we think of the underpinning concepts behind this model as something that is powerful in terms of thinking for our customers.  At its core, the model focuses on:

  • By empowering teams working closely to self-organize around their customers
  • This can then enable more effective care for customers that are typically at reduced hours when compared to traditional models.

Something that is important to consider are the wider impacts on service delivery based businesses, their revenue and incentives associated with customer outcomes.  Simply said, there are numerous changes that would need to be enabled for this model to be supported at scale across Australian community services.   (as revenue is not closely tied to customer outcomes today, but rather the delivery of services).  The approach of “selling” something vs “delivering an outcome” is a mental shift to consider.

But communication is the key.

In any business, the ability to communicate efficiently across the entire supply chain, is paramount. It supports customer delight and outcomes, team and business efficiency.  This trifecta harnesses the key principles of any business with community services being no different.

So how do we move towards this?


After a personal experience involving the complexities of interacting with home care and his loved ones, Greg found a need to build a world where customers could seamlessly connect and communicate with providers, friends and families. 5 years ago this world was named Hayylo and nowadays supports thousands of people receive better care services all over Australia.

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