A smart combination: unique smart hearing technology and digital literacy program driving healthy independence

Hollingworth R1, Howarth S1, Freeman C2


2Hearing Australia


The proliferation of technology supporting aged care is becoming increasingly focused on what really matters to them.  This reflects the highly competitive nature of the market and the strong need to tailor solutions to the living context of the target customer.

As we age, we experience deterioration in the effectiveness of our senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. While the rate and severity are individual, age-related changes in visual and auditory systems are most likely to have implications for social participation and independence for older adults. This gives rise to smart technology interventions, and more specifically hearing technology.

People with hearing impairments are now enabled with smart hearing devices and sounds that are clearer, sharper and more connected than ever before.

Hearing aids connect to apps helping you to stream phone calls, listen to audiobooks, and music, as well as check on the status of the hearing aid battery – or even locate your lost hearing aids on a map.  But you’ll need to be confident in using smart devices to make the most of this technology.

YourLink and Hearing Australia will discuss their unique, first-of-its kind partnership and program to change the lives of hearing impaired older Australians through digital literacy training, access to smart devices and smart hearing technology. This powerful combination of smart technology coupled with adult digital literacy learning aims to improve the independence, wellbeing, connectedness and quality of life for older Australians.


Rick Hollingworth is a Co-Founder and Director at YourLink. YourLink partner with aged care providers to create digital inclusion solutions that reduce isolation, improve wellbeing while sparking curiosity and connectedness for older Australians. Having trained more than 3,000 seniors and care workers, we bring a unique combination of training skills, industry experience and enabling technology to co-design effective digital strategies that are centered around the experience of people.Rick has a passion to support people in understanding what technology can do for them at work and in their personal life. His emphasis is on using technology to overcome various incapacities, isolation and associated conditions. This comes from personal experience and translates into a dedication to support others. Rick has over 25 years’ experience working in leading technology organisations such as Dell, Cisco and Unisys leading technical, sales and global professional service teams.

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