Towards a Blockchain based Fall Prediction Model for Aged Care

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Towards a Blockchain based Fall Prediction Model for Aged Care

Falls are one of the major health concerns for the elderly people. These falls often result in severe injuries which lead to avoidable medical expenses. Over the recent years, many ICT based fall detection and fall prevention solutions emerged to address the risk factors associated with falls. However, despite these research studies, predicting the likelihood of falls still remains as big a challenge as it always was, in both medical and IT research domains.

Data related to these risk factors being scattered among different healthcare providers can be attributed as a main reason for this challenge. This is further amplified by healthcare providers being reluctant to disseminate the data beyond their entities due to security and privacy concerns. However, in recent years, blockchain has been proven as a promising technology to address the security and privacy challenges in healthcare data exchange as it provides a shared, immutable and transparent audit trail for accessing data.

Therefore, in this presentation, I am proposing a conceptual blockchain based fall prediction model leveraging smart contracts and FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard to identify the elderly people who are at a higher risk of falling.

The audience will learn about blockchain technology, how it can address security and privacy challenges in health care data exchange, and much more.

ACSA Summit 2021 is about a new age for aged care, and utilising blockchain technology and data-driven decisions can help bring in the new age.


Steven Strange is CEO and founder of Health Metrics (a BRW Fast 100 Company 2015 & 2016).  As a recognised technology expert and innovator within the aged care industry, he takes special interest in disruptive technology and the associated challenges for the ageing population.  A sought after speaker, Steven is highly regarded for his thought leadership in what is the complex landscape of the Health and Wellbeing sectors. Steven is responsible for the development of the internationally renowned health and wellbeing software, eCase®.

Since beginning his career in information technology as a programmer in 1982, Steven has progressed through roles such as IT Director for Ansett/Traveland, IT Director Fluid Interactive, General Manager Datum Group to his current day role.

Steven is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD) and a full Member of the Australian Computer Society (MACS). He also holds qualifications in Computing and Law from Monash University. He is currently mentoring Computing Masters students at Monash, and has previously taught there. Steven is also on a several Not-For-Profit Boards.

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