Data Governance in Aged Care: Transforming the way organisations use data

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Governance and strategy are essential to the way organisations operate. As data becomes more entwined in the day-to-day operations of aged care providers, giving data governance greater consideration is an industry imperative.

Data governance is an organisational lead approach addressing how data is collected, stored, managed, and used. The core objectives of a data governance strategy and framework are  to ensure data is interoperable, reporting capability is optimised, regulation and compliance requirements are met, and that data management enables  the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques

A data governance strategy fundamentally focuses on two key elements – the organisation, and the technical components. Organisationally it establishes the key roles and responsibilities, forums and decision delegations. Technically a data governance strategy focuses on ten specific components for consideration in respect to data.

The successful deployment of a data governance strategy then requires ongoing commitment to review and improve the way data assets are managed to meet basic business and operational requirements, but also ensure that data can be used with advanced analytics techniques.

Kevin will explore the benefits of data governance for aged care providers focusing on:

– Establishing an organisation-wide data governance strategy and framework;

– Evaluating current shortcomings and prioritising an organisation’s efforts;

– A cohesive approach to data governance to enable informed data-driven decisions;

– Ensuring data consistency for reporting, regulatory standards requirements and compliance checks; and

– Leveraging data to improve the quality care outcomes for residents and clients.


Kevin Fernandez, Partner and Head of Advisory Services at Novigi, is a next-generation industry leader, with a track record of building award-winning technology and strategic solutions for some of Australia’s most complex industries. He is a key contributor to the ongoing cycle of research and innovation that drives Novigi’s overarching vision and service offering.

Kevin’s passion lies in taking a thorough and evidence-based approach to the problems faced by Novigi’s clients. His goal is to work with all of their clients to make the best possible use of modern techniques and technology with the aim of setting them up to thrive in a data-driven and increasingly automated future.

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