Emerging Care Needs, Emerging Technologies: An Innovation Strategy is What You Need to Get Ahead

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Like the people it serves, the Aged Care sector is constantly evolving – and with evolving needs come new technologies emerging to anticipate and meet those needs. In a sector already inundated with challenges and impending large-scale changes, embedding new technologies throughout client and employee journeys can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Innovation is not just a technical approach; it’s a mindset that strives for safe and personalised care using emerging technologies. With an innovation strategy, service providers can efficiently and effectively transform their service delivery model of care from ‘schedule and deliver’ to an ongoing relationship between client, family, carer and provider, with an emphasis on prevention and wellbeing.

In this presentation, Rohling International will delve deep into why service providers need an innovation strategy to account for emerging care needs and the associated technology evolution. People, processes, and systems need to transform and work hand-in-hand to move approaches to Aged Care service delivery forward.

Whether it’s integrating NDIS, Allied Health or TeleHealth care needs seamlessly into a cohesive and consistent care strategy, or implementing Artificial Intelligence, Rohling International will walk through a framework for driving innovation in a structured, cost-effective, user-friendly and sustainable manner.


Ian Gilmour, Chief Operating Officer, Rohling International

With over 30 years’ experience in project and program management, Ian has previously worked as a Project Executive at IBM, and as an IT Executive/PM at Telstra. His skills include project and program management, project and service delivery, IT and business process outsourcing, business transformation and process improvement, and IT strategy. Ian is passionate about making organisations and teams work better, especially across the Aged Care, Disability Care, Community Care, Healthcare, Telecommunications, IT, and Education sectors.

Jenni Masters, Business Development Director, Rohling International

Jenni has over 30 years’ experience in Management and IT Consulting and is focused on developing effective business relationships that result in value for all involved.

Having previously worked for IBM, Accenture and ASG Group, she brings insights from her hands-on project experience and leadership to ensure clients achieve valuable and realistic outcomes. Jenni has worked across multiple industries, most recently focusing on the public sector, healthcare and justice. She has also led teams in the capacity of both project implementation and business operation.

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