Culture meets care”: HR’s role in the new Aged Care Quality Standards

Karen Ansen, Head of Workplace Relations



The new standards are challenging Providers to demonstrate that they are meeting Standard 7.

When striving to improve culture, organizations must demonstrate care for their teams, ensuring they are guided on a journey of positive change.

Communication is a critical tool, and indicator of how well things are working culturally.  The importance of clear and open communication – at every level of an organisation – is often misunderstood, underappreciated, or poorly executed.

Understanding the motivations of employees will empower leaders to make smart decisions, maintain strategic and cultural alignment, and invest in opportunities that will be meaningful and beneficial to the team.

The case study shows how this can be done well, for great business results!


As a specialist in Workplace Relations, Karen is known for her holistic approach to Employee Relations support and her practical solution focused advice.

I am an advocate for positive change and sustainable workplace practices.

As a Workplace Lawyer Karen specialises in both Employee and Industrial Relations. She brings a wealth of expertise to the team, with a focus on Fair Work matters, high risk disciplinary situations, interpretation and advice, counselling, mediation and mentoring. Karen prides herself on her excellent track record in resolving all manner of Fair Work matters, and her sound approach to minimising risk during this process.

Karen worked in Commonwealth and State government roles for most of her early career before moving to the Department of Industrial Relations, NSW where she provided advice and support to the Fair Work Ombudsman on the implementation of the Modern Awards and the National Employment Standards.

Following the completion her Law Degree, Karen accepted the position of Employee Relations Advisor with Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA).  Karen’s achievements include guest-speaking engagements at ACSA National conferences; and her involvement in both the 2014 ACS Template Enterprise Agreement negotiations and Modern Award Review 2013 -2016.

As Head of Workplace Relations Karen is responsible for growing Employee Relations capability for clients and the team.

Her ability to connect people in challenging circumstances is her super power.  Karen’s priorities include achieving outcomes for her clients, honouring client’ organisational values and balancing them with fair outcomes

Bachelor of Laws – University of New England 2011

Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice – Australian National University 2013

Industry Experience:
Industrial Relations

Fair Trading/Consumer Law.

Specialist Experience:
Guest speaking

Unfair Dismissals

Negotiations and Dispute Resolution



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