CASE STUDY: How one of WA’s largest and most trusted retirement living and aged care providers embraced the new care standards through a leadership focus

Please welcome our newest ACSA National Partner CILCA360.

CILCA360 is dedicated to transforming our care industry with CILCA360 around Australia. In the pursuit of improving the quality of care across the industry for our beloved older generation.”

What is CILCA360?

CILCA360 is a development tool which enables the smart growth of caring leaders. ACSA fully supports the tool and has even taken part in using it inhouse, hence us giving it the National Partner seal. We strongly encourage all care providers who are ready to develop their leaders and transform their organisations to reach out to CILCA360 and get theirs set up today. You can learn more about how the tool works and how you can sign up by visiting their partner profile.

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How this major care provider embraced the new care standards & focussed on their leadership

There is no doubt that the care industry is in need of a remedy. An industry experiencing rapid change and struggling to keep pace with the demands & new care Standards. Companies are doing their best to survive the Royal Commission, audits, penalties, sanctions, and unannounced visits.  While the auditing process is one band aid solution to keep the industry performing up to standard, it doesn’t get to the heart of why the issue exists in the first place.

During this Case Study presentation, learn how this major care provider not only got to the root cause of this systemic issue impacting the industry, but embraced the new Standards by focussing on their leadership capability.

Leadership accounts for 70% of the variance between poor and high performing cultures

During this case study presentation, you’ll learn how easy it is to apply the same simple yet powerful process in your organisation to grow your leaders for long-lasting, culture transformation.

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