Towards 2020: Localising global best practices for creating socially connected communities for successful ageing-in-place

Sylwin Angdrew

Based on the World Bank population projections, APAC’s ageing population, aged 60 and above, is projected to increase to 500 million by 2020. Life expectancy is also increasing. However, it is not about how long we live, but how healthy, independent and happy we are as we age. Having visited over 350 retirement communities, wellness and rehabilitation facilities globally, we observed that people are starting to plan for successful ageing earlier, and implementing active ageing communities that focus on preventive healthcare. This presentation will focus on four key areas to enable the development of active ageing communities:

  • Age with Laughter
  • Age with Health
  • Age with Purpose
  • Age with Engagement

As the General Manager at Ageing Asia, Sylwin oversees the administration and operational aspects of the company. With over 15 years of experience building partnerships and rapport with various top decision makers from IT, financial, government, transport, healthcare to manufacturing sector, Sylwin has been instrumental in developing the company’s core competencies. Since joining Ageing Asia in 2012, Sylwin has been actively engaging in discussions with key industry stakeholders, and constantly kept updated on the latest trends in Asia Pacific’s ageing market. Sylwin is also the Head of Business Development at Ageing Asia. She continually seeks to enhance the quality of Ageing Asia’s B2B platform, and curate opportunities for the Alliance’s members and partners to access the region’s ageing market. Sylwin is an Indonesian who has lived in Singapore for close to 20 years. She holds an Honours in Bachelor of Management from the University of London, and has a passion for wine & yoga.

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