I am not a consumer – I am a person. In this modern age, it is becoming increasingly important to engage older people in the design and development of products and services so they continue to feel valued.

Dr Mike Rungie1

1GCMA, Tonsley, Australia


Australia has a global role to play in developing innovative products and services for a growing ageing population.  With the proportion of Australians aged over 65 continuing to increase, due in part to higher standards of health care, businesses have a greater need to ready themselves to better understand this growing but diverse group

Launched in October 2018, the Global Centre for Modern Ageing (GCMA) provides a living laboratory (dubbed LifeLab), paired with research, insights and advisory services to businesses, organisations and government to help bust ageing myths and assist clients develop better products, services and solutions to meet the needs and wants of those over 65.

A first of its kind in Australia, the LifeLab hosts innovative initiatives including developing solutions that increase mobility, reduce isolation, address nutrition needs and allow people to enjoy a better quality of life.

This workshop focuses on the business imperative and the possibilities of co-creation and co-design.

Co-creation and co-design methods provide opportunities for businesses and end-users to collaborate together, ensuring that older people feel valued and heard, and that companies truly understand the needs and wants of this unique group.

Hear from international expert, Dr Mike Rungie, as she shares insights and case studies which highlight the power of seeing people and not consumers and how co-design improves user experience, reduces market risk and often leads to better concepts leading to an increase in demand.

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