Beyond Director’s Duties, Mental Models for Directors

Mr Aaron Goldsworthy1

1Australian Strategic Services, Romsey, Australia


Beyond director’s duties, mental models for directors

The past decade has seen boards, committees of management, councils or similar named groups of individuals move from the processes and behaviours of managers managing a service to the processes and behaviours of directors governing an organisation. To this end there has been much focus on duties that the law proscribes for directors or similar positions. While knowledge and understanding of director’s duties is critical they provide little in the way of guidance to an individual of what the work of a director involves or how to effectively go about the work of the director.

Directors of not for profit aged care organisations must be more than just minders of a service or set of services. Directors, whether paid or unpaid, must be visionaries, entrepreneurs, forward thinkers and strategists to ensure that their organisation not only survives but thrives in an environment characterised by technological innovation, continual shifts in government policy and increasing customer expectations and control.

Leading directors build successful and sustainable organisations through the application of mental models (ways of thinking) that go beyond just their director’s duties. From understanding the organisation’s core business and the types of value the organisation delivers aligned to that core business to the role of systems, the stages of quality and more this presentation will explore mental models and associated tools and processes that can assist directors strengthen and enhance their organisation and ultimately what they deliver for their customers.

This presentation will provide delegates with:

– understanding of the work involved in being a director and how to effectively go about the work of the director; and

– the mental models (ways of thinking) adopted by leading directors to build successful and sustainable organisations.

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