Robots handling the menial jobs so you can excel at meeting Quality Standards

Mrs Leonie Mulheran1

1Lamson Concepts, Milperra, Australia


DESCRIPTION:  To create a person-centred approach in meeting Quality Standards and then maintain them 24hrs a day, organisations must remove menial tasks and give staff the time to do this. Staff activities that are not directly care based, must be automated.

Robots can remove manual and low-value add activities the aged care staff currently perform, allowing them to spend more time with the residents that will deliver greatest benefits. This is the break through that aged care needs allowing staff to excel in quality care.

ABSTRACT: Robotics such as those used for automating trolley transport in aged care have direct impacts on standards 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

The time it takes to transport trolleys can be between 8-20hrs/day. Meals, linen, clothing, medical supplies and waste are no longer transported manually (up to 7,000 klms/year) so staff can stay in their work area without leaving for supplies. In addition to this improvement in resident safety and supervision, staff have more time with residents to deliver care, improve meal quality and enhance laundry services.

Automating transport also increases frequency of waste/dirty linen removal, reduces the size and noise of trolleys used in the facility and eradicates unsightly damage to walls. Automation using robots with laser guidance also reduces the risk of infection with less touch points (doors, handles, railings and lift controls) and reduces the risk of trolleys colliding with residents, therefore reduces the risk of resident injury.

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