I’m here, do you see me?

Mrs Angela Slater1

1ACNA, Osborne Park, Australia


Choice, control, independence, values, motivation and purpose – all words that can illicit images or judgements. What do each of these words truly mean in Aged Care?  How are we connecting with people to support decision making about life changing events such as moving in to a residential facility, loss of spouse or adapting to a caring role. How do we see the person first, build resilience, encourage goals and aspirations that provide a sense of purpose, excitement and a sense of adventure when we have processes and systems at the core of our interactions?

Connecting is at the core of human interaction yet for so many older Australians their voices are not heard, their desire to live their best life in a way that supports independence requires an empowering approach by every professional in the aged care system. So how do we do it? We step in to their shoes we experience life through their eyes, we promote dignity of risk, respect and individuality to ensure we are proactive in our engagements.

“No decisions about me, without me” (Liberating the NHS, U.K. 2012)

ACNA would like to take this opportunity to submerge you in to the world of promoting quality of life. The workshop would offer simulated learning opportunities that allow participants to experience life through the eyes of another human being.

  • Workshop format: Simulated learning activity – Interpreting information during task analysis
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