People – Our Most Valuable Resource

Miss Amber Cartwright1, Cam Ansell1, Ms Judi Coombe1

1Ansell Strategic, Subiaco, Australia


The Royal Commission has identified the greatest challenge facing the sector – our most precious resource is overworked, under-trained and largely unrecognised. While we focus intently on standards to address consumer requirements, is it realistic to assume that we can be consumer focused without addressing this burning issue? Can we reasonably expect client-centric services if we are not people-centric with those responsible for delivering those services?

Ansell Strategic has recently conducted research across Australia and overseas as part of our Royal Commission submission of fixed staffing ratios. The research and work done by the ANMF shed illuminating insights on deficiencies in the current system and the strategies employed by industry leaders to support their people and recognise their contributions to our consumers.

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