Mosaic: Empowering LGBTI People to Better Plan Their Ageing

Ms Kimberly Olsen1

1Uniting, Sydney, Australia


Mosaic represents an exemplar of Voice of Customer, a human-centred design approach applied to person centred care. Mosaic is an app designed for and by the LGBTI communities to empower  them to better plan their ageing, to involve their families of choice, care teams and aged care organisations in that process.

Using a semi-agile human-centred design process, Uniting demonstrates how working with community can deliver an exemplar in voice of customer. Mosaic has been nominated for two Good Design Awards.

Kimberly is Project Officer- Service Excellence at Uniting, where she is responsible for the provision of project, change and coaching expertise in the delivery and adoption of LGBTI specific learning strategies resulting in more informed decisions, better access and culturally appropriate aged care service provision.

She is also founder and CEO of Trans Employment program Australia, a program to improve recruitment opportunities for trans and gender diverse people.

Kimberly has spoken at many events and seminars on gender diversity, women in leadership and LGBTI Inclusion and privilege. She has provided thought leadership on many diversity topics and has been a subject matter expert on the Rainbow Tick accreditation and the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people within the workforce. She has insights that would be hard to attribute to others on gender diversity having worked and conversed much of her adult life presenting as a man and then experiencing the loss of privilege as a woman.


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