Performance in the face of adversity – Strategies to modify behaviour and create an environment of success

Mr Andrew Eadie1

1Realise Performance, Norwest, Australia


“Create an environment where you cannot help but be successful”.

Rugby World Cup winning coach Rod Macqueen used this philosophy to create triumph in the sporting arena and was the cornerstone of his business success. This presentation will explore the barriers to organisational performance when providing care for older Australians. Andrew will share personal examples that have motivated organisations to change their approach to business, overcome adversity and meet their challenges head on.

Visionary leaders can anticipate impending challenges and put in place plans to modify organisational behaviour to meet future performance outcomes. Waiting for a disaster to initiate change is often too late. Person centred leadership creates a culture of feedback, acceptance of mistakes and a focus on continuous improvement. Andrew will also present case studies that highlight how this change can be made and the support required to transform the performance of individuals to meet the needs of those they care for.

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