Integrating Wellness into Home Services: The BaptistCare approach.

Mrs Nicole Donohoo1

1BaptistCare NSW & ACT, Sydney, Australia


BaptistCare Home Services is dedicated to facilitating our customers to incorporate person-centred wellness activities into their daily routines, and ensuring our staff are appropriately trained to support customers to do this. The wellness activities are crucial to empower our customers to maintain or enhance their abilities, and minimise the impact of physical and cognitive changes on these customers as they age.

In acknowledgment of the significant contribution that physical function makes in supporting older people to remain at home, BaptistCare is currently trialing a physical wellness program with our customers in the South Western region of Sydney. This evidence-based program, Active at Home, incorporates exercises focused on improving strength and balance and is delivered by care workers who have successfully completed a mandatory accredited training unit. The program was developed by the Brisbane North PHN and Burnie Brae, a QLD based NFP organisation.

In addition to describing BaptistCare’s experience with the roll-out of the Active at Home program, this presentation will also outline other initiatives BaptistCare has adopted over the past 12 months to further embed wellness into our service delivery and offerings. These include the employment of a dedicated role to spearhead our wellness approach, a re-alignment of our marketing and messaging, and enhanced training programs for our direct care staff. A brief exploration of the positive impact on staff of working within a wellness framework will also be discussed, as well as strategies we plan to implement in the future to further consolidate this approach.

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