‘Not on My Watch’ – exploring the depths of open disclosure

Mrs Wendy Rocks1

1Lutheran Aged Care, Albury, Australia


The horror stories and media expose occur in ‘other organisations’ We would all agree on that! Oh yes we smile and say to each other, on any one day in aged care that could happen in any organisation but we don’t really believe that. Quietly hugged to our self we mentally tick off the systems and methods of accountability our organisation has in place, and also hope that in the absence of us personally checking everything every day, the lesson we have attempted to instill, the team we have built, the trust we have for our managers and staff, the reports we receive and read, are the reassuring ‘evidence’ that indeed it cannot happen in our organisation. And we continue to hope and hold our breath!

Our board have the same confidence, we made sure of that;but a sneaking thought comes into our head ‘ what if that deliberate building of confidence’  was shattered by the unthinkable as it has been exposed to occur in other organisation. We may have a flurry of activity strengthening systems we  feel  is necessary, grabbing onto some new idea we have heard at a forum or conference; but then the world moves on, in particular aged care moves on … rapidly and we are once again caught up in the minutiae of day to day management of change which is the agenda for every day in this industry….and sometimes a gap opens up or widens which may become our Waterloo!


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