Sparking the next generation of aged care: an innovative model for attracting young people to the aged care workforce.

Mrs Anna Donaldson1

1Lively, Fitzroy, Australia


Building the aged care workforce to keep pace with future demand is a recognised priority for Australia’s aged care sector. Yet attracting young people into aged care continues to be a significant challenge. Lively is a not-for-profit organisation working hard to find a solution – with exciting results to date.

Lively trains and employs young jobseekers to provide meaningful support to older people who need a hand, and engages older people to share skills, experience and knowledge back with the young. Having started with a technology help service that employs young people to help older people build digital skills, Lively is now developing an innovative intergenerational home care model that employs young people to provide home care services to older community members, while also enabling older people to support and contribute to the development of the young. The organisation has received over 2000 applications from young people aged 18-25 for approximately 50 roles to date. And the demand just keeps growing.

Through the model, Lively aims to build connection and understanding across the generations, improve service delivery and wellbeing for older community members, and provide meaningful employment for young jobseekers. Crucially, however, it is also uncovering answers to how we might attract young people into the sector of the future. In this presentation, CEO Anna Donaldson will share Lively’s learning to date and the implications for the industry.

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