Developing a resilient aged care culture. The Warrigal Way –  5 years on.

Mr Mark Sewell1

1Warrigal, Illawarra and Southern Highlands, Australia

2ACSA , NSW rep on National Board, Australia

3IBC – Business Chamber Councillor , Illawarra, Australia



If Peter Drucker is correct and “culture eats strategy for breakfast” how much long term planning and programming have we done to objectively measure the ups and downs of an aged care organisation’s culture?

This presentation will show data from 5 years of staff surveys across the 12 locations in a dispersed NFP regional provider with 1100 staff. The data will bust a few culture myths and set some new rules such as:

– Don’t ask staff what they want.

– Dont expect more than 3 things from staff.

– Keep going despite the resistance.

– Top down is the only way.

The value of the info:

All teams need an intentional culture that attracts the right people and repels the wrong people to achieve organisational success. Warrigal developed the program with the help of an international culture and leadership development firm and calls the 3 behaviours that all its staff must model, all the time, to everyone.. The Warrigal Way.


15 staff surveys over 5 years with extensive trend data showing the progress of the culture journey. It can be fascinating to see different service types, different times of the year, the effects of external events such as the Aged Care Royal Commission etc, all shown to have an effect on a systematic exposure of the culture of the organisation throughout the very interesting journey so far.

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