Assistive Technology – a significant resource in supporting ageing well and reablement

Ms Hilary O’Connell1

1Independent Living Centre WA, Perth,, Australia


There is wide diversity among people as they age. Many people remain healthy and well into older age whereas others may start noticing the impact of long term conditions that can limit daily activities in some way from their 50’s. Some have greater intrinsic capacity to age well and some live in an enabling extrinsic environment that  supports their functional capacity.

Positive and successful ageing theories focus on optimisation, resilience and building capacity to enable people to enhance quality of life.  A 2018 study found firm evidence that Assistive Technology (AT) delivers independence, autonomy, safety and participation for consumers. Recognising that AT can bridge the gap between changing ability and continuing to manage for oneself (as opposed to struggling or relying on others) is a key stage in the process of obtaining it and successful usage.

This presentation will discuss work the ILCWA has been undertaking into developing accessible information that will help people as they age across the life course. Through digital access to information, support and resources and the input of personalised data, individuals will:

  • better understand the sort of assistive technology available and applicability to their specific circumstances and needs
  • develop an increased understanding of how they are ageing based on their level of functional independence
  • access targeted wellness and reablement focussed interventions, guided signposting to relevant local resources, personal advice and insight to make a difference to their own ageing and wellbeing
  • be provided with information about AT in a mainstream environment
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