The value of technology in Aged Care – it’s easier than you think

Mrs Tammy Sherwood1

1Person Centred Software, South Melbourne, Australia


Presentation synopsis

There are many benefits to adopting technology specifically designed for the unique care home environment. These include increased communication between carers, customers and other health professionals to provide complete person-centred care. Technology, however, can be seen to be difficult to implement, manage or use.

This talk will look at different technologies, how to go about finding what you need and the value that can be achieved adopting the right technology for you.

Key learning aims, objectives and anticipated outcomes for your presentation?

  1. Address concerns about how easy technology is to use and how easy it is to adopt
  2. What questions to ask a technology supplier to ensure the outcome you want
  3. How different solutions can complement one another to help you to drive outstanding person centred care
  4. The value of technology in the aged care environment


Tammy has nearly 20 years experience in client engagement and strategic business development in the Health sector. With strong commercial acumen and stakeholder management skills, Tammy has specific expertise in medication management services and clinical software solutions in residential aged care and has undertaken international research in best practice in this area.

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