People + Purpose = Performance

Ms Marita Sealey1

1Jewish Care Victoria, Melbourne, Australia


Jewish Care Victoria is a faith-based, not for profit organisation which provides a wide range of social support services including community aged care.  This division services over 3000 clients with approximately 300 staff.

The introduction of client controlled funding in February 2017 provided a wake-up call for the Board and Executive that the old way of doing business, whilst having served the community well, would not be sustainable into the future.

The decision was made to rebrand and restructure community aged care to improve focus on the client/consumer/customer and ensure customer service carried just as much weight as client care and ensure that Jewish Care Victoria would have a successful, sustainable business into the future.  From May 2018 community aged care was re-branded as Active Living Services and we commenced making the changes required to support success and sustainability.

Those changes included:

  • A new structure
  • New staff roles
  • New lines of responsibility
  • Different expectations of staff in terms of skills and attributes needed for the future business
  • New approach to ‘onboarding’ clients
  • Improving client communication and information pathways

This presentation aims to highlight key parts of the transition project with an emphasis on:

  • The structure designed on the client journey
  • Skills and attributes required for new roles
  • The challenges in undertaking a major change project whilst delivering ‘business as usual’
  • Business efficiencies
  • The courage required to think differently
  • Where we started and where we have got to today.

Relationship to ACSA 2019 National Summit and delegates

  • All aged care providers needing to reassess how they respond to the changing aged care environment
  • This paper illustrates one organisations response to the emerging scenarios focusing on the human aspects of the business
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