Turning feedback within the sector from a negative to a positive and how you can take back control.

Mr Mark Ogden1

1Dps Publishing, Adelaide, Australia


There is a crisis of confidence in the sector, and this has resulted in a demand for transparency. As consumers look to provide feedback, they are utilising platforms such as Facebook, Google and Twitter to deliver their message. This feedback is often difficult to manage, respond to or even track, but it is easily findable for those searching for information at the decision making stage of their journey into aged care.

With more than 1.8 million Australian aged care consumers each year utilising the DPS Guide to Aged Care, and with 100% of aged care providers listed with us, we have a unique perspective in the sector, understanding the needs and wants of both consumers and providers alike.

Through our partnership with Care Opinion, the leading health consumer feedback platform in Australia & UK, we have established the only purpose-built, and industry endorsed, comprehensive consumer feedback management platform for aged care in Australia.

This presentation will cover:

– what is most important to consumers

– what feedback is already being captured

– how providers are taking back control and not only protecting their reputation, but enhancing it.

The information covers components of all three themes of the ACSA Summit, and in particular, PEOPLE. Not every consumer feedback platform is created equal – what makes Care Opinion on AgedCareGuide so unique is that it is a consumer-centric system, not an organisation-centric system.

Example: We talk about the CEO of a large care provider: he was doing what many organisations are currently doing, using real-time hand-held data-gathering methods and getting dashboards of results. But when he began implementing Care Opinion, he discovered a whole new way of connecting with the community in a transparent way. He said that surveys ask things that the organisation wants to hear and gather, but Care Opinion starts with what the consumer wants to say, which is often very different from what organisations want to ask them. The first 10 stories he received via Care Opinion gave him new insights that he could act on that the previous 150,000 consumer surveys hadn’t.

Proven outcomes of successfully implementing a consumer feedback management system include;

  1. Not only protect reputation but enhance it through moderation, training & support.
  2. Connect with the community in a transparent and constructive way.
  3. Reduce formal complaints by up to 50%.
  4. Compliant with the new Quality Standard 6.
  5. Increased staff engagement.
  6. Improved lead generation through consumer search & select process.
  7. Operational improvements driven by consumer experience.
  8. Data-driven insights through comprehensive reporting.
  9. Validation of staff training & development impact through consumer data delivered seamlessly through alerts.
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