Building resilient, agile and productive teams in the face of significant industry reform

Ms Tegan Davies1

1The Oranges Toolkit, West Melbourne, Australia


A royal commission, changing community expectations, an aging population, lack of skilled workers, constant change and funding pressures. Sounds bleak right?!

This is exactly what many staff are worrying about, which negatively impacts both culture and the ability to deliver services and improve outcomes for consumers.

Many organisations provide training on how to care for a palliative resident or manage behaviour of a person living with dementia, yet few providers train staff on how to cope with modern day stressors and how to embrace change more effectively.

To ensure a better aging future and to redefine aged services we can apply the science of positive psychology to enhance employees’ ability to manage uncertainly and change, as well as other health and productivity benefits. The science is clear – when employees have strong wellbeing they are 6 x more engaged, 29% more productive, 45% more satisfied, 125% less likely to burn out and 32% less likely to quit. There are also 70% fewer safety incidents and 10% higher customer satisfaction.

Learning should be fun, so the workshop will be highly engaging and insightful. There will be an opportunity to connect with others, plus a couple of tools to support participants own wellbeing.

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