Ask More. Tell Less: Creating Fearless Cultures and saving the world

Ms Corrinne Armour1

1Corrinne Armour Pty Ltd, Caulfield South, Australia



True leadership requires a new and innovative approach. It’s a tough gig! Boosting engagement, building accountability, fostering creativity are still the cornerstones of brilliant leadership, but today’s rapidly changing landscape requires more.

Do you have a sense that you as a leader and your people could do better and achieve more? Bringing out the best in your people can be challenging and time consuming. The gap between potential and actual performance of your leaders can have a dramatic impact on delivery, engagement, and care.

As leaders in the caring profession, our desire to solve problems for our people can often drive us to help too hard.

This powerful keynote inspires leaders at all levels to deliver superior results by learning a few simple techniques that promote initiative and enhance ingenuity.

Your audience will hear incredible stories as Corrinne shares transformational insights into brain science, that will shift your ‘ask/tell ratio’ to connect deeply, lead fearlessly and achieve results.

Afraid to listen – Ask more.

Corrinne’s held leadership roles in the aged care corporate sector and the corporate sector, and she’s well versed in leadership theory. Yet some of her strongest learning (and greatest stories) have come from living and working in a jungle refugee camp on the edge of a war zone.

Married to an ex-guerrilla fighter, Corrinne’s faced some serious obstacles and overcome them, learning much about leadership on the way.


This keynote will:

  • Promote a NEW kind of leadership
  • Move people from complacency to collective power
  • Help leaders understand why telling is not the answer
  • Empower the audience to build curiosity and sit comfortably with uncertainty
  • Leave people inspired to lead their own quest to follow their purpose and save the world

With a focus on PURPOSE, PEOPLE and PERFORMANCE, Corrinne can deliver this as an oral presentation or a workshop. With knowledge of the aged care sector developed over more than 15 years (including at Board level), she brings ideas from other sectors to complement the inherent strengths of the aged care industry.

Developing high functioning leadership, directly affects the ability of the whole to deliver sustainable person-centred leadership and care customer service.  The more aligned and cohesive the teams the greater the throughput and output. Everyone has a positive mindset, feeling heard, valued and productive, which is so important especially while the Royal Commission brings more focus on the sector and its people.

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