Risk and performance: Taking a holistic approach to your workplace culture

Ms Anna Pannuzzo1

1WorkPlacePLUS, Melbourne, Australia



It can take 3-5 years to create a long-lasting positive change to workplace culture but only a couple of days to ruin it. It’s important for leadership to be proactive in fostering the workplace culture, rather than letting it evolve without direction or intention. If you ignore your workplace culture, it will turn toxic. That’s why attending to your workplace culture on a regular basis should be a fundamental part of your risk management plan.

A healthy workplace culture allows aged care providers to deliver sustainable, quality services. This presentation outlines how to take a holistic approach to achieving your desired organisational culture, while concurrently addressing standards 6, 7 and 8 of the new Aged Care Quality Standards.


Taking a holistic approach to your workplace culture means looking at the whole picture and using a range of tools and strategies. This presentation introduces six key focus areas for ensuring that your culture and services are continuously improving.

To help you address the new Aged Care Quality Standards, this presentation provides tips and tools on leadership (standard 8 – organisational governance”), workforce (standard 7 – human resources), and communication (standard 6 – feedback and complaints) with a particular focus on effective performance management.


Key Takeaways:

Learning the six key components to a healthy workplace culture

Tips on how to build the right team for your organisation

Advanced communication tools such as the FOCR Feedback Model

Tips for effective performance management

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