Standard 8, Organisational Governance…A Game Changer For Directors, A Call To Action For Boards

Mr Michael Goldsworthy1

1Better Boards Australasia, Romsey, Australia


Standard 8, Organisational Governance, is a game changer and a call to action for chief executive officers of residential aged care and home care organisations on three fronts:

  • It now recognises the governing body as the individual or group of people with overall responsibility against the Aged Care Quality Standards and Aged Care Act
  • It will now hold individuals or groups of the governing body accountable for the organisation’s compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards, 2018
  • Standard 8 could not be clearer on the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies and individual directors; the governing body, individuals and the group are accountable for the delivery of safe and quality services.

Whilst boards have increasingly transitioned to ensure they govern the organisation, whilst management manages the organisation, the oversight of safe and quality care and services along with compliance, has in the past been the responsibility of the chief executive officer and executives; from July 2019 that will change.

Mandatory assessment against the new Standards commenced on 1 July 2019; so in reality, what actual work has your board and/or its governance committee done in relation to the new Standards, particularly Standard 8, Organisational Governance? If nothing, this presentation and its call to action is categorically for you, your fellow directors, chief executive officer and executives.

Join Michael Goldsworthy for an engaging, educative and practical interactive presentation.

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