The bedrock of compliance – Consumer Dignity and Choice

Miss Katrina Ong1

1Prideliving Group Pty  Ltd, Level 19 567 Collins Street Melbourne, Australia


Partnering with the Consumers has been part of the NSQHS the past 6 years. In this session, we will take a deep dive into what we can we learn from the Healthcare sector to assist providers transition to a consumer-driven environment under the new Aged Care Quality Standards

Consumer experience is the collage of memories and feelings about the interactions between an organisation and a consumer throughout that relationship. Good consumer experience occurs when the individual’s overall experience matches or exceeds the individual’s expectations.

With increasing, consumer and regulator expectations organisations need to understand the consumer experience along their journey of interactions with the organisation. Understanding the consumer journey begins with knowing your model of care and what this looks like for the customer.

This session will provide delegates with:

  • An overview of how different public and private health services integrated and applied strategies to create distinct models of care.
  • Examples of how they implemented their model of care.
  • Similarities and differences that can be applied to the aged care setting
  • Practical tips on what the aged care sector can learn from the health care sector.
  • Examples of insightful measures of outcomes and means of collecting and analysing  data about consumer experience

As aged care is entering a new arena, the things that got providers where they are will not help them navigate this new world. Now more than ever providers need to learn from those who have done this before. While Healthcare and Aged Care each have their unique complexities, both have an interdependent relationship with mandated standards which govern the outcomes of how they partner with consumers in a way that shows dignity and respect.

Katrina will share her experience as both a Community Representative for one of Melbourne’s largest metropolitan public health services and a consultant with substantial experience in the residential Aged Care sector.

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